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Thailand offers reliable renditions of traditional Thai favourites. Thailand is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Thai. With a menu that is influenced by traditional Thai, you're sure to find what you want to eat.

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15 Lewisham Way
New Cross, SE146PP

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chicken satay, prawn on toast, dumpling chicken & prawn steamed ), fish cake, wing, spring roll, vegetable tempura, and prawn wrapped in pastry




red curry paste cooked with sweet basil, coconut milk and herb - medium


green curry paste cooked with sweet basil, coconut milk and herb - medium



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1,027 reviews


  • Terrible I waited 1 hour and 40 min for my food and I had to ring the restaurant to find this out. They didn't have the decency to let me know. l won't be ordering again


  • it was absolutely delicious


  • This was without a doubt one of the worst Thai takeaways I have ever had and that is no exaggeration. the food was awful, the taste was bland and almost as if they took it out the freezer and warmed in the microwave for convenience. the ribs smelt like they were not cooked properly and the rice was mushy. I have never eaten such terrible food and extremely disappointed with a place that had such good reviews. never in my life will order from this place because it was quite frankly atrocious food. I’ve never left such a bad review on food before but this was a bitter disappointment.


  • Fantastic food, slow delivery


  • Excellent, as usual.


  • Good food


  • Left one item off order. Got one item wrong but refused to refund because I had "accepted" the wrong item. Didn't give me my change for the cash payment. Also arrived 20 minutes early. So food was cold when my wife finished working and was ready to eat.


  • Not good and not happy! Thai fried rice are in big lumps and found 1 prawn. Extremely small portion.


  • Food was great and speed was fantastic, even with a forgotten item the mistake was quickly corrected and the delivery guy was excellent. Thank you


  • The food was awesome, however it took over 35 mins longer than stated to arrive.


  • The food was barely edible - in fact most of it went in the bin as we feared for our health. The fish smelt off; the chicken tasted almost exactly like a poor quality supermarket heat up meal - and it was tough. The rice was soggy. This was a very dispiriting experience and if you value your health / wallet / taste buds, go somewhere else. On the positive side - the food arrived early, but it would have been better to have cooked the meal properly, using fresh ingredients that weren't going to land us in hospital. We remained a hungry house after the meal was delivered ...


  • Without a doubt the very best Thai food that I have ever had. Truly delicious. Spectacular!


  • One of the best new takeaways in the area.


  • *AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL - DO NOT ORDER* Not one to write complaints, but this was by far the worst takeaway I have ever had. The food was bland and completely inedible. The red thai curry had a greyish tinge to it.. have checked on the website and the restaurant has a food hygiene rating of 1 - 'Major Improvements Necessary'. Had to call Hungry House to complain as the 'restaurant' doesn't advertise a number anywhere online. After contacting the takeaway, HH advisor came back and told me that they would not issue a refund, even if I 'proved' the food's inedibility by sending it back (although by this point it was already inside my bin!), as we had already tried the food in order to know how awful it was. - Not sure how I'd quite have grounds for complaint without tasting the awful food! Take your money elsewhere


  • The beef salad was great!