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Thailand offers reliable renditions of traditional Thai favourites. Thailand is recognized as the ultimate in collection and takeout Thai. With a menu that is influenced by traditional Thai, you're sure to find what you want to eat.

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15 Lewisham Way
New Cross, SE146PP

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lightly fried, served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad


green curry paste cooked with sweet basil, coconut milk and herb - medium


rice noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, egg, spring onions and ground peanut


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  • *AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL - DO NOT ORDER* Not one to write complaints, but this was by far the worst takeaway I have ever had. The food was bland and completely inedible. The red thai curry had a greyish tinge to it.. have checked on the website and the restaurant has a food hygiene rating of 1 - 'Major Improvements Necessary'. Had to call Hungry House to complain as the 'restaurant' doesn't advertise a number anywhere online. After contacting the takeaway, HH advisor came back and told me that they would not issue a refund, even if I 'proved' the food's inedibility by sending it back (although by this point it was already inside my bin!), as we had already tried the food in order to know how awful it was. - Not sure how I'd quite have grounds for complaint without tasting the awful food! Take your money elsewhere


  • The beef salad was great!


  • Really bland food


  • Order took 1h45 to arrive, admittedly on a Friday night, but not good enough in my books.


  • Took an hour and a half to reach us, even though we only live 5 mins away and only ordered 1 starter, 2 mains and a side. With our mixed starter, we received poorly deep fried vegetables which we didn't ask for. All the food was luke warm when it arrived. The Pad Thai was dry and dull, though the penang was great. Wouldn't recommend or order again


  • No more chances for this place - food took over two hours, was lukewarm on arrival, & they'd sent plain burnt noodles instead of veg pad thai. Won't be using again.


  • [RESUBMITTED]The Thai beef salad was mouth watering,and the lamb curry was delicious, making me wish I had ordered more!😐😃


  • Love this place. Hidden gem. Ordered two vegetarian meals. Both were excellent. Just wish they offered more tofu options.


  • Order was very late. Guy delivering didn't follow the additional directions I had provided when placing my order. Food turned up lukewarm and was of very poor quality. Avoid!!


  • Amazingly fast delivery, though I did order at 5pm (which is early) and I had to pay £1.50 for delivery. But totally worth it as I had my food about 35 minutes after ordering. I'd been on the hunt for good Thai since I moved out of my old neighbourhood (out of the delivery area of my fave) and finally I've found one! The penang gai was thick and warm and spicy. Really delicious. The pad thai could have a bit more flavour (more tamarind and fish sauce) but at least it wasn't sweet like so many other places. But overall was good and dark and smoky. Just needs more... I'll try one more time but may stick with plain rice noodles for what it's worth. A little pricier than the average when paying for delivery, but totally worth it for fast delivery and yummy food.


  • Waited more than two hours for delivery, was warm when it eventually came. Had to chase up the order to find out where it was. Not worth the wait, won't be using this restaurant .


  • It took 2 hours and a half for food to arrive. The restaurant didn't call to apologise and inform of lateness and I had to ring 3 times to query it. Poor.


  • Food took over 2 hours to be delivered with food missing. Called restaurant to get cab to turn round to give me the difference in monies and just flat refused. If you do happen to order with them (not recommended) Check order before parting with money as they'll not refund! In their defence they said they'd send missing food just didn't want to wait 2 and a half hours as I'd be in bed !


  • Driver said I hadn't paid for food and wouldn't give me food for about ten mins, useless place!!!!


  • Overall I think the meal was quite good. Deep fried food doesn't deliver very well which I should have thought about before but even that wasn't too bad considering. The rest of the meal was fine and delivered in the expected time. I always think Thai food seems expensive compared to other foods but I got plenty for my money. I would order again but maybe be a bit more selective with what I ordered.